Here are the tee times and flight designations for the Ottawa Elks Lodge and SAM FM Radio Ottawa Golf Championship, which will begin on Saturday at Dayton Ridge Golf Course. Sunday's finale will be at Pine Hills Golf Course.

7:30 a.m. = Tony Arrate (C), Bill Bankowski (C), Steve Callaway (C), Tyler Zellers (C).

7:42 a.m. = Mike Harris (Sr), Rob Armstrong (B), Dennis Pacetti (C), Joshua Callaway (C).

7:54 a.m. = Rick Cook (B), John Cook (C), Carter Piercy (C).

8:06 a.m. = Mick Resser (CH), Brian Lehr (CH), Jeff Clift (CH), Jeramiah Pike (CH).

8:18 a.m. = Charlie Monroe (CH), Auston Monroe (CH), Kevin Lindeman (A), Ehren Ludwig (A).

8:30 a.m. = Gary McConnville (B), Al Andreatta (B), Ken Johnson (A), Bill Funk (B).

8:42 a.m. = Shannon Canter (B), Jorge Valdez (B), Dustin White (B), Aaron Biagoni (A).

8:56 a.m. = Dan Sarver (B), Jay Houston (B), Rod Kennedy (C), Mike Carrera (C).

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