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  • MyManGodfrey said:

    That is like asking to explain is the sky blue. Obama has used the IRS to destroy his political opponents. One of the articles of impeachment agains…
  • Progressive said:

    Under Sanders plan a family making $50,000 would pay $1100 per year while their employers would be on the hook for $3350 That's $4450 per year for a …
  • times61350 said:

    "But, you know, to be honest, economic development in the state of Illinois has been slim to non at this juncture.", however our City admin…
  • stan white said:

    MAYBE this will help the new Fund rasing event? Its R way or the Highway.
  • jhanson613 said:

    Mrs. Brown; With all due respect, you seem to feel that President Obama wrote the law, himself. Remember that the insurance companies, 'Big Pharma', …
  • illini said:

    Explain how POTUS is corrupt. We will be waiting to hear your Rush Dumbough regurgitations. This should be very educational,, HA!
  • sportsryderma said:

    I applaud the correction. Especially the mention of the class mistake. There is a huge difference between class 1A and 2A , at the elementary level…
  • rustyp said:

    Naturally the gateway drug was present haha
  • sportsryderma said:

    Just didn't have it tonight. No scrapbook stuff from this article. We need to win, then we get some press. Great effort wasted. No acknowledgment…

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