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WRITE TEAM: Remember to be grateful

RODNEY VERDINE ... The Write Team
RODNEY VERDINE ... The Write Team

When I looked on one calendar it had today as Easter Monday in Canada. I’m not sure what that means, but here are a few of my guesses at possible meanings. First is that it is a day to think about the significance of Easter and look deep inside yourself. That God would come down from heaven and suffer one of the most torturous ways to die to pay for the consequences we deserved is amazing. Thus, it would be good to examine ourselves to change our lives and show gratitude for that huge sacrifice.

Another possible explanation could be that Canadians simply celebrate Easter on Monday, at least this year. I doubt that is what it means, but I’m not exactly an expert on Canadian holidays.
It could mean that all Canadian children must have the candy from their Easter baskets consumed by the end of the day. This could be either a great way to make sure adults didn’t eat their candy while they are in school, or a great excuse for adults to help their children consume those peanut butter eggs or Peeps. Any Canadians, or someone with more knowledge on this subject, feel free to fill me in on what it means.

As for me, I will try to use Easter Monday as my first guess suggests; too often as humans we forget what has been done for us and get too wrapped up in those things that annoy us. We should look to Jesus, and his suffering and realize that we really don’t have it all that bad. We need to be grateful to the One who came for us. We need to avoid replacing Him with other people or things whether in worship or just in our daily lives and express our gratitude by following his example.

Now I must confess, though, I am human and weak in some ways, like His disciples. I won’t spend all my time in contemplation of what was done for me that day. Realistically, after I come home from work that day I will first turn on WGN to see if the Cubs and Reds are still playing if WGN is broadcasting the game. The beauty of it is that Jesus doesn’t expect us on Earth to spend every minute thinking about what was done for us. He wants us not to forget it, though.

Easter’s hope has been very important to me this last year, as so many friends have departed this Earth. Through the sorrow I have been able to look forward to seeing them again. My favorite and biggest fan Bernice Zmia recently made that trip. It makes me wonder after finishing this Write Team session if I want to continue with it in the future. My buddy, who I never did get to go fishing with, Don Lumbert, made his trip to heaven. I wish for all of you that you would accept the offer of Easter and when the time comes join Don and some ladies from my church.
  • RODNEY VERDINE, of Ottawa, is a husband, assistant director at the La Salle County Detention Home, and is living the Cubbie dream. He can be reached by emailing

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