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OUTDOORS: New gun laws hold us hostage

Fred Krause
Fred Krause

I am a National Rifle Association of America life member. 

Every day on local news I hear the NRA being bashed in one manner or another, from candidates asked if they are afraid of the NRA or if they will support new firearm laws to outlawing AR rifles.
I don’t know any NRA member who has been involved in any crime. Most are very careful not to make any legal mistakes to bring dishonor on the association.
By the same token, the 1968 gun laws that included the Illinois FOID card have not prevented crime at all. In fact, many of the recent mass shootings were committed by individuals with credentials that made them able to obtain firearms legally. The last atrocity included a bill for a  $1,000 charge to be a gun dealer in Illinois. This would put many small dealers out of business.
Illinois was the last state to allow concealed carry. It was mentioned by many of these pompous, duff lawmakers that this would turn Illinois into a vigilante state with citizens running around flashing guns and shooting people at random.
Really and truly, there are so many places that do not allow concealed carry it is almost not worth the risk to carry for your own protection for fear of getting arrested. To obtain a concealed carry permit one has to be squeaky clean as well.
Case and point: if an establishment derives 50 percent or more of its sales in liquor, it is forced to put up a no gun sign. You are not able to carry into a bank, telephone office, near a school or a polling place. Perpetrators know these laws as well and also know those institutions would be an easy take because no one is armed.
I recently asked some schoolteachers if an armed killer came into their establishment, started shooting and killing at random, wouldn’t they like to have a gun to defend themselves, instead of waiting to be shot and killed? Most said I was making a good point. They, however, did not want to be identified.
The primary objective of many lawmakers is to disarm the American public. This has happened in England and Australia. The Parliaments in both countries are at odds now trying to tell the citizens that now they have rid the countries of guns their crime rate has gone up.
This goes back to the old saying that is very old but true: “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

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Outdoor report

• Again time is now for some preseason scouting for the upcoming wild turkey seasons. Also, don’t forget the new fishing, hunting and sportsman’s licenses are due Sunday, April 1.
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• FRED KRAUSE, of Marseilles, can be reached by emailing

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