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Percentage of proceeds goes to Kimes during event

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Staff from Kimes School will be at Streator’s McDonald’s from 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday, March 22. The teachers will be greeting customers, stocking product, serving customers, making fries, among other duties.

“Kimes School will get 30 percent of all sales," said Kimes Principal Laura Dawson. 

Also, she is encouraging teachers to “have students create signs and banners to hang at McDonald's." 
Nathan J. Pappas, owner and operator of Streator McDonald’s, said McTeacher night helps support local schools and also promotes quality family time. 
Building a strong home-school connection also is important to Kimes; students will be excited to see their teachers in the community. During McTeacher night, students will get a chance to introduce their families to their teachers and also share a fun experience.

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