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The corrupt state GOP

Art Havenhill, La Salle County Tea Party organizer
Art Havenhill, La Salle County Tea Party organizer

Republican voters take heed. The Illinois GOP does not represent most voters who vote Republican. The Illinois GOP has, over decades, sunk to being nothing more than an organization that’s ‘for sale’ to the highest bidders and antithetical to those who believe in the Republican platform and mission.

How many people comprise the Illinois GOP State Central Committee? About 17. These are people most folks have never heard of yet they control the GOP. Are they elected? Yes, they’re on the ballot when running, but many voters don’t vote for the position because they don’t know what it is or vote for the person simply because he/she is on the Republican ballot.

Of the two elections (primary/general) which is the most important? Well, it’s actually the primary. Why? Because the primary is where candidates are supposed to “make their case” and the electorate vote for the candidate of their choice. Only then should the Illinois GOP get behind the candidates chosen by the voters.

But that’s not how it works. Who chooses candidates for office? As explained above one would think the voters do, but the Illinois GOP doesn’t feel that’s right. Instead, throughout the primary campaign period the GOP (the party) backs only candidates those 17 people think should win regardless of how voters feel. Party money and voter data flows to “the chosen” and is denied to others. While the party typically backs the incumbent(s) in contested races and helps pay their campaign expenses, it refuses to offer any assistance to challengers. This makes it extremely difficult for a challenger to win or, in some instances, even prosecute an effective campaign thereby keeping the party “stooges” in office.

Don’t believe it? Well, take a look at the results. Gov. Bruce Rauner “bought” the party for only a few million three years ago. His contributions to “help” the party turned out to be simply a cheap purchase. Rauner, in this past year, did very little to stop Madigan’s 32 percent income tax hike. Rauner signed Democrat legislation that has made Illinois a sanctuary state. Last year he gave $50K to Planned Parenthood. Rauner has made all Illinois taxpayers accessories to murder by pushing and signing legislation for taxpayer paid abortions on demand. Women from surrounding states are now coming to Illinois for abortions paid by us.

In 2008 state Republican House minority leader Jim Durkin signed Illinois on to the National Popular vote bypassing the electoral college in presidential elections. If you don’t understand what this means I suggest you look into it as, once in effect, it makes your vote for president meaningless.

Our Congressman, Adam Kinzinger, is backed by the Illinois GOP but what has he done? Well, he has worked against a good, conservative Republican in favor of a very far-left liberal, Patrick Harlan versus Cheri Bustos (Dick Durbin’s god-daughter). He’s now endorsed Rauner. He voted against President Trump and has tried to undermine the president yet the Illinois GOP backs him and pays for many of his campaign expenses. Numerous invitations for him to appear at various group functions (including La Salle Republican Party events) are either denied or unanswered.

Have you contacted him via email, snail mail or telephone and received an answer specific to your question? Why doesn’t he hold town hall meetings in this area? The GOP backs other Republican Congressmen throughout the state that are equally weak or liberal not just in outlook but in action.

Something to think about: IF the state GOP is so good at picking winners WHY has Springfield been under Democrat control for close to 40 years? Yes, Republicans had control for two years in the ‘90s but that’s been it. Great record of success, isn’t it?

Isn’t it time Republican voters take action and demand the party stay out of the primary in any form? Isn’t it time that Republican VOTERS make the decision on who THEY want to represent them? Isn’t it time for Republican voters to begin making some real changes at both the state and national level by electing stalwart Republican candidates that are not "Democrat Lite?"

Stand up, Republicans! Stop allowing the state GOP to make the decision on which candidates are “best” and cast your votes for the person YOU feel should be the office holder. We have two truly great candidates running that definitely deserve Republican votes. Jeanne Ives for governor and James Marter for Congress. Do not believe the filthy ads and mailers put out on them, instead visit their websites, contact their campaigns and ask questions, get to know their stances on issues and make your choice — don’t let the corrupt and inept Illinois GOP continue to keep Illinois Chicago focused and depressed.

  • ART HAVENHILL is leader of the La Salle County Tea Party.

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