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OUTDOORS: Government forces don’t always move as fast as we would like

Fred Krause
Fred Krause

As soon as the report of the horrendous shooting at a Florida high school hit the news, the gun control fanatics began their push for more controls.

The fact is that additional control laws couldn’t have prevented this crime. The perpetrator purchased his gun legally. Runaway paranoia took over. People shouted out to President Trump to enact stricter gun laws. Later on, it was discovered law enforcement folks didn’t do their jobs.

This young man placed threats on the internet that he was going to kill someone. This continued, but was ignored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Members of the bureau were made aware of the threats long before they were carried out, yet they did nothing.

Two days later, the FBI was apologizing for that error. If this organization couldn’t figure out enough to at least investigate the issue, new laws couldn’t or wouldn’t have helped.

This was a very horrendous crime. It affects all of us — hunters, target shooters as well as gun collectors. How, you ask? When the news talks about criminals using firearms commit crimes, many people have panic attacks. If they see a hunter in the field or a shooter going to a target or trap range, they become frightful and contact local law enforcement.

I feel it is a crime that I have to hide my hunting ventures because I am fearful I may be stopped by a cop and have to answer some questions. Many officers who don’t hunt are not aware of hunting seasons or that one may have permission to hunt an individual's land. The person who reported me only stated that there was a person with a gun near the highway.

I have had some officers come right up to my deer stand and question me. Because I am forced to wear blaze orange, I can be seen a mile away. That scenario ruined the entire morning hunt. It’s hard enough to obtain a place to hunt without this form of harassment. It used to be, if you rode a motorcycle you were a criminal. That has passed. Now if you are seen with a firearm you are automatically considered a criminal.

This past week I feel that some of the news media need to be educated on firearm and hunting laws so that we don’t feel harassed. At this time the state of Illinois is very concerned because hunting license sales are decreasing every year. Young folks have to pass a hunter safety course to even obtain a license. Many young folks give up the hunting because it is too much hassle.

Big city news broadcasters should be required to get educated or at least have some form of working knowledge on firearms and outdoor endeavors. Some of their broadcasts even make me sick at the way firearm owners are portrayed.

In addition they bash the National Rifle Association and the President of the United States. The NRA actually has kept our firearm rights in this country. Many of our presidents have been members. I don’t ever remember any NRA member committing a crime. If they did, the big city news would jump on that right now.

• FRED KRAUSE, of Marseilles, can be reached by emailing

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