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WRITE TEAM: My snow removal days are behind me

Pat Sineni
Pat Sineni

“We get a snow day!” 
Everything on the calendar is now cancelled. An entire day of unscheduled time. Woohoo!

It was board game time! One day my girls had a friend spending the day with us and decided to play Tripoley. They set the board up on the dining room table, shuffled the cards, and distributed the “chips” from the jar. They all had a great time playing the game and trying to collect the most “chips,” which were pennies in our house. Finally, their friend “won” and they decided to make cookies. They collected the cards, packed the board away, and started putting the pennies back in the jar. Their friend suddenly had a sad face; “You’re putting the pennies back in the jar?”

“Yes, we put them back so we can play again next time.”

“But, I won the pennies!” exclaimed her friend.

Our daughter grinned and replied, “Yes, and you can win them again the next time, too.” Her friend was not amused but went along with our rules of the game.

They made the cookies then on to movie marathon time. They got comfy under their blankets and watched one video after another. They had their indoor pizza picnic and put the next cassette into the player.

It was snowing again. After the last movie finished I sent the girls to bed. My husband was at work, so I decided to get the snow blower out and clear the driveway before he got home. Bundled in my big coat, boots and gloves, I headed out, climbed on the seat, pushed the choke, turned the key, and the machine roared to life. I drove out to the driveway, started the blower and proceeded to clear a path as the snow continued to pile up behind me. 
I made the turnaround for the next path and could not go forward and could not go back. The motor was still running. The machine was in gear. The tires started spinning. 
I climbed off the seat and tried to push it forward — it would not move. I tried to push it backward — no movement. I got back on and tried again. The tires spun a little, then nothing. I got off and tried pushing again, the tires slid a bit sideways. Ugh! Just then my husband drove around the corner, pulled into our driveway, and with a big smile asked, “What are you doing?”

I scowled at him, “I was trying to clear this driveway before you got home but now I’m stuck!” 

“Well, I didn’t put the chains on the tires yet. I’ll take care of it.”

So, inside I went while he got the tractor back into the garage. Later, as we enjoyed warm drinks and cookies, we laughed at my dilemma. He chuckled, “I wasn’t sure if you were that red because you were that cold or that mad.” It took him longer to fix my mess than to have just done it himself.  So, that was the end of my snow removal days.

To help now means not plowing the snow. So, I cuddle under my blanket and binge watch whatever is on my play list. That’s lots easier on everyone. Yeah, I can do that.
  • PAT SINENI, of Streator, is a retired receptionist and mother of three grown daughters. She can be reached by emailing

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