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TEENS: More respect for teachers

Haley Selvidge
Haley Selvidge

These days, teachers don’t get enough respect for what they have to go through. From the late nights grading papers and planning lessons to dealing with the everyday student, teachers work hard at what they do and often don’t get the respect they deserve. 
I don’t think students understand how difficult their job is; they aren’t meant to be glorified babysitters!

Now, it’s not the teachers’ faults they don’t get a lot of respect. As new students move into new classes, they often forget that teachers are still adults of authority that have been trained to teach students things that they will need later on in life. 
Every day when I go to school, there are students who flat out ignore teachers, make rude remarks, and argue until their faces turn blue. And honestly, this makes me sick to my stomach. Teachers are just doing their job. If they don’t use disciplinary action, such as detentions and write-ups, they could get in trouble with the person in charge of them. A lot of the time, students lash out when given punishment because they believe they’re receiving said punishment due to the teacher disliking them. This is often untrue. Students fail to understand that actions have consequences. 
Rules and guidelines are set by teachers and the school administration in order to keep a safe and positive learning environment for other students, not to anger them. Lashing out and arguing about a just punishment is unreasonable. It’s extremely upsetting to see teachers give up on students because they know that punishments won’t solve anything.
Teachers work very hard to teach their students what they need to learn. They spent the time and money to gain the skills necessary to do their job, not to babysit students who think the rules don’t apply to them. They even take time during the weekends to plan homework assignments and lessons to ensure their students get the best learning experience out of that class. They don’t do all of these things to intentionally make students’ lives more difficult.
I think more action should be taken when teachers get disrespected. Too often I see this happen and not a single eye is batted because I understand this isn’t how it used to be, and it’s definitely not how it’s supposed to be. Just like students, teachers want a positive work environment. They’re human, just like us; they have feelings, too!
Haley Selvidge is a senior at Streator High School. She can be reached via

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