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GUEST COLUMN: What if Jesus was president?

Lori Nowak, The Write Team
Lori Nowak, The Write Team

In the New Testament, the Roman empire was in control and it was not a peaceful time. It made me wonder what if Jesus became president of the United States today. What would the headlines in the paper say? Here is an example of what could be said by the media.

Jesus Christ the son of a carpenter was elected president of the United States. There is quite a stir going on in the country as to how this man got elected. His background is sketchy, at the least. No one noticed him in the campaign and he had nothing special to be considered for this office.

There have been conflicting reports of whose son he actually is. The genealogy states he is the son of Mary and Joseph.He had a meager upbringing and very little influence or status. Others boast he is the son of God. This has many in the church and out of the church in an uproar.  
With this bragging who would have thought he had a chance for the White House? There is talk among his people that he came to save. We will see if he brings any relief to our struggling nation.
His weak and mild demeanor does not bring any convincing coaxing from his opponents of what he will accomplish in his leadership.
We will take the next three years getting to know this man. I say three years because some say they will have him impeached before his term is up.

Some radicals even call for him to be crucified. This is how divided the nation is with this man.

Many times in the campaign Jesus said man does not live on bread alone, but on the word that comes from the book. He seems to be an advocate for the hungry and illiterate. His campaign was spent talking about the poor, meek and peacemakers, even though his opponents were anything but peaceful. He would rally his support on claiming reward in heaven. Quite a tactic to get votes.
His forerunner was a character that any other candidate would have been crushed by. This man named John prepared the way for Jesus. On one occasion he called some of his opponents a brood of vipers. His tactics were crude and decisive. He did not try to get supporters by the normal means. He compared people to trees and if they did not produce good fruit they should be burned. 
Not your every day campaign promise.

John, who had the appearance of a homeless man, lifted Jesus up to such high standards that it became a cutting offense to his opponents for him to even be considered for the office of the president.

For Jesus' supporters, this became a driving force that made them stop everything to follow him.
No one can explain why a no-good Nazarene has become the president of the United States.
  • LORI NOWAK is a former Write Team member.

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