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WASHINGTON (AP) — When it comes to baby names, Emma and Noah reign supreme.

Have you ever moved to get away from something you couldn’t control?

Part of being a successful fantasy owner, or so I'm told, is knowing not only when to let go of a player you've drafted somewhat highly, but when you pick up one that others may have let go.

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The following is provided by the La Salle County Sheriff's Office, listing those processed at the jail, with their age, address, day of processing and pending charge(s):

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MILLINGTON — Millington United Methodist Church, 200 Orleans St., will sponsor a roast beef dinner from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, May 14. Tickets will be $12 each, $6 for children ages 8 and younger. Desserts and beverages will be included, with carryouts available for an extra 50 cents. For mor…

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OTTAWA — The OHS Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band will perform at the 84th annual Ottawa High School spring band concert at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 19, in the OHS auditorium, 211 E. Main St.

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Times Poll

With Republican candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropping out of the presidential race, who will you vote for in November?

You voted:
  • MyManGodfrey said:

    Adam K is a failed leader. He sold his soul to the K street lobbyist. He is a pawn of the Wash DC insider game. If you vote for Adam K and other Repu…
  • Berf said:

    I e-mailed Kinzinger office and told them I would donate $500.00 to his campaign if he would look into Link card and Social Security disability fraud…
  • Progressive said:

    Its a funny thing about maps. There is a sizable population of Democrats in Livingston County, but not one board member from the Democratic party. I …
  • Elendil said:

    We shall see if that is actually the case I guess. Time will tell. Also I'v seen no reporting on the seeding for the softball/baseball regional/sect…
  • MyManGodfrey said:

    "Reduce the amount of guns in the country you say? Then only criminals will have them." Makes perfect sense to me. Only a liberal would th…
  • MyManGodfrey said:

    Adam K is just another Illinois Republican who supports Hillary and the Democrats. He along with Mark Kirk will NOT get my vote ever again. Illinois …
  • kentuckyhillblly said:

    Chicago public schools is why the rest of the school districts in the state suffer. more money is funneled to support a self run school system that …
  • rural observer said:

    So, why the press conference? Why the P.R.? Either House can move to remove and 3/5ths of each house will remove him for the cause they define. L…
  • twobe said:

    "Reduce the amount of guns in the country you say? Then only criminals will have them." Absolutely nonsensical statement. Where have more a…