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TEENS: An event that makes Marquette Academy unique

Gareth Kent
Gareth Kent

Every school has something special about it that separates it from every other school in the surrounding area. If you already have been through high school, you know what made your school unique. Maybe your school’s sports made it special, or maybe it was a distinctive club that only your school had.  

For Marquette Academy, the factor that makes us different is senior retreat.

I just got back from my second senior retreat this past Friday along with the rest of the senior class, the eight juniors who were chosen to go along and the chaperones of the trip. Senior retreat is purposely shrouded in a bit of mystery, but I will give a brief overview as to why this event is so special to Marquette, without spoiling anything for people who may get to be a part of it in the future.

Each year, the senior retreat leaders are in charge of setting up this annual retreat for their class. These eight people were chosen by the previous class to go as juniors so they would be adequately prepared to set up the event the following year. Last year, seven of my classmates and I were picked go and participate on the retreat with the senior class at the time. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I had been a part of at the time, and the fact that I would get to do it again with my class made it that much more exciting.

Senior retreat consists of three days and two nights — of very little rest — which takes place at whatever location the leaders have picked for that given year.  Retreat definitely has some spiritual aspects to it, but it is not confined to just these religious facets. Senior retreat is a time of bonding and camaraderie for the class that is soon to be graduating. It is a time to get to know people better who you have been going to school with for four years, but maybe have yet to have an in-depth conversation with.

Everyone comes out of senior retreat better friends with someone who they may not have spoken to much over the course of high school, which is part of what makes it so fulfilling. During this past retreat, it was emphasized countless times that those three days and graduation would be the last times that everyone in our class would be in the same room together, which was a surreal feeling, to say the least.  

High school is over in the blink of an eye. Senior retreat is a tradition that is unique to Marquette, and if you ask anyone who has been a part of it, they will tell you how moving it is. I am extremely grateful for those three days I got to be with my class, and I am fairly confident everyone in my class feels similarly.

Senior retreat enables everyone to get to know the members of their class on a deeper level, and everyone leaves feeling closer to one another. This is important because, pretty soon, we will all be going our separate ways. When that happens, it will be impossible to know who you will be seeing for the last time.

GARETH KENT is a senior at Marquette Academy. To contact him, email Assistant Editor Julie Barichello at

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