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WRITE TEAM: How did Trump win?

I’d like to start off by saying this is not meant as an attack on the President or his supporters. A couple months ago after writing my piece related to why millennials like myself were leaving Christianity, after mentioning President Trump in it I began asking myself a question that has plagued the United States for two years: how did Donald John Trump (a man who had no prior government experience whatsoever) become the 45th President of the United States of America? I figured I would dive into how and/or why I believe that happened.

For many years in our nation’s history every four years we’d have a presidential election. Every cycle the candidates would make promises and every cycle half or more of those promises would be dead on arrival once the winning candidate’s term began. For many voters I believe the cycle of being promised jobs, tax cuts, and the like that never came really grew tiresome. So some decided to go with a candidate who had never held an elected office a day in his life before. They, I believe, thought that sounded like the fresh start this country needed.

Another main factor was a lot of people on the right side of the political spectrum believed Mrs. Clinton was a big factor in the 2012 death of United States Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Libya. They also believed that she mishandled emails that were classified and essentially was a security risk. I also whole-heartedly believe a lot of people that voted for Mr. Trump just didn’t trust her or feel that she was someone they could relate with.

The fact that Mr. Trump won I will personally admit is quite astounding and historic. It was historic in how wrong the media was thinking that Mrs. Clinton would win hands down, it was historic that a political outsider had won, and it was historic that a man who in my eyes turned campaign events into roasts of anyone he chose instead of the more common civilized events had such a following.

So that leaves me asking this question: If Mr. Trump could win in 2016 what does the future hold for our government and political system? In 2020 will it go back to society norms with a more typical approach like former Vice President Joe Biden on the left or Gov. John Kasich of Ohio on the right for example, or will we next see someone like Mark Zuckerberg ,the CEO of Facebook, or Oprah Winfrey as our President? After 2016, nothing would surprise me.

The thought I’d like to leave you with this week is just to remember that this nation is a President form of government. Our leader is not a monarch where they are more hands-off in the running of our government as, for example, the Queen of England is. Nor is our form of government a dictatorship. Our nation needs to be run by someone who actually knows how to run a government. I’m not badmouthing the people who voted for Mr. Trump because I understand the feeling of being left behind by our government, I agree with you. I believe a lot of the people in Washington have forgotten about us. But putting a man with no prior experience in government into the highest office in our nation (and arguably the world) is not the answer either in my humbled opinion. That leaves us with the question of if career politicians from Washington are not the answer, and people who’ve never been involved in government aren’t either then what is? I personally cannot answer that as I’m honestly not sure. The future holds the answer; hopefully it’s a good one.

MATTHEW PETERSON is a young Streator resident who recently rediscovered a passion for writing and getting people thinking. His columns will range in topic from anything going on in the world, to his perception of local news, and anything and everything in between. To contact him, email

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