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Dorm plans almost complete for Chinese facility

Streator is closer to seeing how a dormitory will fit into the city for the incoming Chinese educational facility.

The Foreign Service (China) Group has hired a Chicago-based architect to design a dormitory building to be built on the block adjacent to Sherman School, to the east, between Otter Creek Road and Indiana Avenue.

The city expects to see a special drawing as to how the dormitory will be laid out on the property in the near future, which will be presented to both the Plan Commission and City Council at a later date.

"It was clear from the meeting at the Plan Commission when the (planned unit development) was approved that everybody is interested in seeing how they were going develop the lot,” Wrighton said. “Not necessarily detailed or what it will look like but (the documents will show) how it will fit spatially.”

The Chinese company also hired two Streator residents for positions including those related to maintenance.

The company also donated the play structure at the corner of Indiana Avenue and Kent Street to the city.

District 44 left the structure behind and the Park Board will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 9, to discuss where to place the equipment.

“They want to be a good neighbor,” Wrighton said.

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