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TALKING POINTS: Hello, spring? Is that you?

Jim French
Jim French

Late arriving spring had lots of us moaning and groaning as the calendar turned to April.

Measurable snow in April isn’t that unusual. Snowflakes have been known to fall as late as May in Starved Rock Country.

It seemed, at least for awhile this spring that Mother Nature may have confused Global Warming with Ice Age.

Please be kind and understanding to your snow bird family members and friends who might have returned from warmer climes a little early this spring and aren’t taking the weather very well.

What happened to the 2018 Illinois campaign?

What’s a political aficionado to do?

Right after the March primary the TV ads were gone. Campaign mailers disappeared from mailboxes.

While news organizations continue to cover the remaining candidates occasionally, there are few, if any, political signs left in neighborhoods and along country roads and highways.

The incumbents in the legislature went back to work submitting mostly noncontroversial, low key bills and cranking out press releases. The governor and other statewide candidates went back to work occasionally making some noise but doing mostly routine stuff.

While a few local candidates are beginning to put up ads, it’s still mostly quiet on the campaign trail.

Enjoy the respite because this fall’s campaign could be an annoying record setter.

And furthermore

Some Illinois citizens just can’t stop gnashing their teeth over the “vast” population exodus from the Land of Lincoln.

Maybe it’s time to put up or shut up.

Really, folks, find a state, move to it and see how you like it. You probably won’t find any state or anywhere in the world where life is perfect and there are few or no taxes or regulations and top notch government services.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will stay home, make the best of things, and even pitch in to make Illinois a better place to live.

In sports

According to press reports the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball are open to legalized wagering in Illinois.

The proposed state law would allow betting on professional, amateur and college competition at casinos and on the internet provided the online service is limited to Illinois residents.

The NBA and Major League Baseball would also want a cut of the money to ensure the integrity of their games.

So, would that result in lower ticket prices with all that new revenue?

JIM FRENCH, of Ottawa, is retired after 43 years in radio broadcasting, including 33 in Ottawa. You can reach him through The Times by emailing newsroom@mywebtimes.com.

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