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TEENS: Enjoy these fleeting high school moments

Jadelynn Rozsypal
Jadelynn Rozsypal

As 2017 has gone and passed, the seniors of 2018 are getting ready to pack up their bags and leave for college.

This past year may feel like it has gone by so fast to the seniors, and as a senior I can confirm that statement. The last four years of my life has been so involved with playing sports, making friends and learning how to grow up, and if I could go back to relive it I definitely would. So one thing I would like to say to all the lower classmen is make high school last. I know it is something you hear all the time, but high school is filled with all the people you have grown up with, and after graduation you may never see them again. So make the best of what you have right now.

In high school, you learn a lot about what you need in life. You definitely need basic math for doing your taxes and other gross grown up stuff. You’ll need geography, current events and civics to know what is going on within the government and history of your country. All of which is needed to keep basic conversation with other adults.

Most importantly, it teaches you people skills. You are constantly around people so you have to learn to laugh, forgive and forget, and to be kind. Overall, high school is a beautiful experience even though it isn’t very fun to get up early in the morning.

Overall, the point is to not be sad about graduating, even though you will miss it. Graduation means you have a new beginning in life. Graduating gives you the ability to fully grow up and live on your own.

After graduation I know it may be easy to get discouraged, but remember everyone started somewhere. Another thing to think about is to teach yourself new skills, look for new jobs that have skills that you don’t yet know and try to teach yourself by using your resources.

Last but not least, enjoy this time after graduation. Enjoy the summer you have before you go off to college and hang out with as many friends as possible. Life is like a roller coaster, so why not take the ride?

• JADE ROZE is a senior at Leland High School. She can be reached via stephanies@mywebtimes.com.

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