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OUTDOORS: Some folks have all the answers

I have had at least 100 letters and phone calls on Dr. Robert Neufeld’s letter to the editor last week on solving gun violence.

He feels that outlawing all guns will solve all of the country's violence. The first thing the good doctor forgot was it had to have a person behind the gun to create violence. Today we have a multitude of ways to create violence, and the gun is at the bottom of the heap.

Just to name a few, there was the bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building with high explosives. The Twin Towers in New York City were completely destroyed by aircraft. These two events killed massive amounts of people without firing a shot. Then there was the pressure-cooker bombs set off during a marathon. There is a killer drug called Opioid. Finally, you may be too young to remember Adolph Hitler. He outlawed all firearms in his country before becoming a murderous dictator.

Explosives and drugs have been controlled substances for many years, but for some reason they still get in the hands of criminals. Finally, the countries of Australia and England have largely outlawed guns. The Parliaments in both countries are at odds now trying to tell the people since they rid their countries of the dreaded guns their crime rates have gone up. Finally, after the Pearl Harbor bombing one Japanese general thought it would be a good time to attack the United States mainland. He was promptly told that it would be a suicide attempt, as most of the population in the United States was armed.

This scenario proves one thing only. If someone wants to commit murder, they do not need a gun to do it. You'd better do your homework before you think you know how to make our country safe, sir, and I use that term lightly. Obviously you are too misinformed or too young to remember when our government tried to outlaw liquor. What did we get after that? “Organized Crime” that still haunts us today.

Don’t think for a minute that outlawing firearms will solve a problem. It will, in fact, create a new, larger one.

In closing, I don’t know how you got through medical school. You obviously failed history.

Hunting report

Don’t forget the new hunting/fishing and sportsman’s licenses for 2018. They were due on April 1. The wild turkey seasons are almost upon us. During scouting, I don’t know if I haven’t been in the right places but I have not seen very many turkeys so far this year. Hopefully, that will improve.

Fishing report

River fishing has been extremely slow. After fishing hard for over five hours, only two keeper sauger were in the live well. Many anglers did not catch any fish. Many were tournament fishermen with the latest of boats and equipment. Hopefully there were enough fish caught during the tournaments to allow the hatchery to restock the river.

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