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Short film featuring Streator debuts

Filmmaker hopes to return for larger movie project

Filmmaker Raul Colon came to Streator and the results of that trip are now available for all to view.

The 32-year-old’s latest short film “Sonday” was released on Vimeo, a video sharing website, on Sunday and he’s excited to share it with both Streator as well as producers across the country.

Hopes to expand
into larger budget
production in Streator

Colon, originally from Chicago, has shot two other short films in Streator and originally came to the city after being introduced to resident Bill Phelan.

“Streator has been very, very nice to me. I appreciate all the people there,” Colon said. “It hurts me to say but not even my own city of Chicago accepts me I feel as much as other cities do.”

Colon said it’s easier to shoot footage in Streator as the community has been accepting of his craft and more welcoming to camera crews and staff.

It’s because of the kind-natured community he hopes to return in the future for a larger feature film.

He hopes that will be the result of this film’s success, which he described as “the most loved film we’ve done.”

“We’ve been having so many shares of Facebook and people tweeting and commenting. They just love the film,” Colon said. “This could probably be the one that gets picked up and we could bring a big budget film to Streator.”

“It feels amazing. I can tell you this has been the hardest film to edit that I’ve worked on, because I wanted it to be perfect,” he added.

Colon said his 13-minute short film is a small taste of what could come if the project is picked up by a larger studio and he’s given a budget for a full feature film.

He currently has 90 percent of the script for a full feature version of “Sonday” complete and all that is needed is a larger producer to sign on.

“Sonday will be finished in Streator,” Colon said. “I could cast actors in Streator and I would love to finish it there and make it a bigger thing.”

What is ‘Sonday?’

The movie is a horror comedy that details a mother returning to Streator after her child died there a few years ago. Since her exodus from Streator a number of other children have died and she has supernatural encounters at a hotel.

The “sets” may appear as the usual backdrop for a cemetery and hotel, but attentive Streator residents should be able to identify them as Streator Riverview Cemetery and Starved Rock Motor Inn.

The short also opens with some video of Streator captured overhead by drone.

Colon said he’s since fallen in love with the community as well as the age of the buildings and beautiful parks.

“I love that look,” Colon said.

What’s next for Colon?

Colon has since returned to his home in Orlando, Fla., and works with NBC and the Golf Channel.

He’s since submitted the short film to a number of film festivals and hopes word
will spread to the right individual to bankroll a full film.

“I feel I’ve shown my talent and what I can do with a low budget,” Colon said.

He said if he doesn’t make the right connection with this film then he’ll just continue to make more movies until he makes the one that helps him break into the competitive industry.

“You have to continue to bring product out. If you don’t, you’ll just drown,” Colon said. “I’ll continue to film. I don’t do it for the fame or the money, but I do it because I love film and I like making film.”

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