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Letters to the Editor

I will choose to protect my family

To the Editor:

This is in response to a March 26 letter from Robert Neufeld.

When I was young, I lived on a farm and as you matured you were given more responsibility.

By seventh grade, my friends and I were hunting and fishing without adult supervision. Our parents did not drive us there. We walked and you are mistaken when you say there is no need to hunt. There are a large number of poor people in rural America whose diet is supplemented by wild game, who otherwise would go hungry.

Shooting — a sport? Yes, I taught my family how to use firearms. Come out to the range, shoot a few rounds, then walk down to the target and see how close the hits are. If you are shooting at 600 yards you will walk 1,200 yards each time.

The problem is the breakdown of society. Ever since the ‘60s of the free love, do whatever you want attitude, we have now reached the point of it’s always someone else’s fault.

In my day you were held accountable for your actions. If I messed up in school, I hoped my teacher never called my home, now the little brats dare the adults and want to sue everyone. 

A few years back, a convict on death row was asked about taking everyones’ guns away and he thought it was a good idea because it would keep him safe during a robbery. Asked where he would get a fire arm? Answer — police or military.

Bad guys will always have a gun. Now we are getting into homemade bombs and trucks. It is immaturity in young people. I served in the military for 20-plus years defending this country and the constitution. If you choose not to protect your family, it’s your decision. But please do not attempt to stop me from protecting mine.



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